Doctor Piano’s owners, equal partners and eager young men, Gary Trenholm and Paul MacPherson met in January of 1977.

Paul was completing a course in wood restoration and Gary was still in university but working part-time tuning pianos and doing minor repairs. Together they dreamed of opening the best piano rebuilding and refinishing shop in the world.

In May of 1977 we launched our dream in the back basement of the old Acadia Hotel in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We bought our first pianos, restored them to the best of our ability and quickly found out everything we didn’t know about pianos.

Quickly exhausting our meager financial resources and disposing of most of our initial projects, we were able to secure a small one-time Federal Government grant to invest in some tools and visit several of the best restoration shops in Canada and the US. In these early years, we also engaged the services of several of North America’s finest piano restoration craftsmen to work in our shop and teach us the real art of piano construction.

The natural next step for a serious piano company specializing in restoration and sales of fine used pianos is to offer the finest line of quality new pianos and for Doctor Piano, that could only be Yamaha. In September of 1983 Yamaha Canada entrusted us to share the line with two other music stores but, by 1985 gave the line exclusively to us for Nova Scotia. Since then, Doctor Piano has clearly positioned itself as the serious go-to place for acoustic and digital pianos in the Maritimes.

We warmly invite everyone to explore our website, write us, call or, best of all, visit our show-room and workshop to see, hear and play or simply talk about pianos in general. Beginner, recreational players, serious students, teachers or professional musicians, we would love to meet you all!

The owners, equal partners and best friends, Gary and Paul are older but, still working every day with their expert team and every bit as enthusiastic about the business as in May of 1977.