GeniSys Voices

What-what?! I hear you ask 🙂

GeniSys is the new console control system that Allen introduced in 2015. Based entirely in software, it acts as the organ’s “central nervous system” interpreting what is happening on the console (stops and keys), and communicating that to the tone-generation system to ultimately create sound.

GeniSys Voices is a flexible, new feature now available on most Allen organs. The simplest description is that GeniSys Voices adds two user-adjustable stops to each division of an Allen organ. That, however, grossly understates the capabilities and potential of this feature.

Some people reading this article may remember the Alterable Voice card-reader system that was in place on most Allen digital organs built between 1971 and about 1995. That feature allowed an organist to program voice information (via a punched card) onto special “Alterable Voice” stops on the organ. It allowed the use of extra sounds that were not already on the organ and/or that were only required occasionally.

Now, consider the Alterable Voice feature completely reimagined for 2016, and you have GeniSys Voices!

Some of the features of this fabulous new tool include:

  • More than 250 high-definition voices coupled with the organ’s premium audio system provide incredible realism to the sounds produced. Included are traditional organ stops, as well as orchestral, keyboard, and percussion voices.
  • Voices don’t erase when the organ is turned off. In fact, once programmed, a GeniSys Voice will remain in place forever or until programmed by the organist as something different.
  • Voices can be pitched (by both semitone steps and cents) independently of each other and any other stops on the organ; it is possible to shift up to an octave higher or lower than native pitch.
  • Voices can be volume-controlled individually to ensure they balance with the way the organist intends to use them.
  • Effective range of individual voices on a keyboard can be controlled. So, for example, you could program one of the GeniSys Voices play only on the bottom half (or third, or even a single note if you wished) of the keyboard.
  • Coupling can be controlled independently of inter-manual couplers. A simple control (that can be set on pistons) allows the organist to select whether or not GeniSys Voices stops will couple with inter-manual couplers.
  • Voice assignments (to GeniSys Voices stop controls) can be preset and changes take place in under a second. There are 90 user-adjustable levels that can be stored to a USB memory stick, and changed out for another 90 levels simply by swapping the stick.

Check out the advertisement below and the video demonstration Please give us a call to find out more about this powerful new feature and how an Allen organ can enhance the worship experience in your church.

Advertisement for Allen GeniSys Voices feature

Allen GeniSys Voices advertisement