2002 5’8” Petrof grand piano, model P IV / 3-A, serial 582874 with deluxe matching adjustable bench in polished ebony finish, $19,900 plus tax.

This Petrof grand is truly an exceptional instrument in every respect: performance, tone, construction, and beauty.

Retail Price: $50,000
Red Tag Price: $19,900 + tax

It’s extremely rare to find this calibre of grand piano in our region and virtually unheard of at this price.

Beautiful! Like new 2014, 48” professional Yamaha piano and matching duet bench in polished ebony finish.

Includes delivery, humidity control system, and 5 year parts and labour warranty. It also includes 1 follow-up visit approximately 3 months after delivery to tune and ensure the piano is sounding and performing perfectly.

Yamaha’s model U1 is the number one sought after studio-size upright piano in the world.

Red Tag Price: $8,900 + tax